House of Voltaire

London, 2016

London non–profit art gallery Studio Voltaire presented a new flagship London store in the heart of Mayfair at 31 Cork St from 18 November to 18 December 2016. Selling artworks, limited edition prints and exclusive home wares, clothing and objects by world–renowned artists and designers, all proceeds directly support Studio Voltaire’s exhibition and education programmes.

Exclusive new artist and designer made products include; limited edition blankets by Michael Craig Martin; dining sets by Linder; a hand–tufted wall hanging by Jim Lambie; home wares by BLESS; Jeremy Deller bumper stickers, hand–made Christmas decorations by fashion illustrator John Booth; slogan sliders by Cory Arcangel; slogan sweatshirts by Scott King; plant pots by Nikki Tibbles & Laura Aldridge; Aprons by Ed Ruscha; Christmas wreaths by fashion designer Matty Bovan; a hand–painted coat stand by Hayley Tompkins; tea towels by Peter Saville; lambswool blankets by Sacai; bespoke candles by Dion Lee; ceramics by fashion designer Roksanda; glass vases by Prem Sahib; baby blankets by Ken Done; and embroidered jumpers by Alison Katz & Paolo Pecora. Further highlights include artworks by Daniel Sinsel, Michael Dean, Caragh Thuring, Pablo Bronstein, Kelley Walker, Arturro Herrera, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Jamie Hawkesworth and Bruce McLean.

Limited edition prints are available by Elizabeth Price, Sanya Kantarovsky, Jamian Juliano–Villani, Sharon Hayes, Matt Connors, Celia Hempton, Nicole Eisenman, The Neo Naturists, Thea Djordjadze, Ryan McGinley, Simone Rocha & Kim Gordon, and Magali Reus.

  • Contributing Artists & Designers

    Aaron Angell
    Adam McEwan
    Alan Kane
    Alan Michael
    Alana Wilson
    Aleksandra Mir
    Alexandra Bircken
    Alexandre da Cunha
    Alexandre da Cunha & Benedikt Frank
    Alice Channer
    Alice Hawkins
    Alistair Frost
    Allan Kaprow
    Allison Katz
    Allison Katz & Paolo Pecora
    Andrea Büttner
    Angus Fairhurst
    Anna Fasshauer
    Anne Collier
    Anselm Reyle & LRRH
    Anton Alvarez
    April Crichton & Nicolas Party
    Arturo Herrera
    assume vivid astro focus
    Bharti Kher
    Blondie McCoy
    Bonnie Camplin
    Boys Forever
    Bruce McLean
    Camille Henrot
    Cao Fei for Chloé
    Caragh Thuring
    Carsten Höller
    Cary Kwok
    Celia Hempton
    Chantal Joffe
    Charlie Billingham
    Charlotte Prodger
    Chris Evans
    Chris Martin
    Chris Ofili
    Christine Binnie
    Christopher Shannon & Leslie Winer
    Ciara Phillips
    Claudia Comte
    Clive Hodgson
    Clunie Reid
    Cory Arcangel
    Craig & Karl
    Cruise or be Cruised
    Daniel Sinsel
    Daria Martin
    David Batchelor
    David Dubois
    David Noonan
    Dickon Drury
    Dinosaur Designs
    Dion Lee
    Djordje Ozbolt
    Dominik Sittig
    Donald Urquhart
    Doreen McPherson
    Duncan Campbell
    Ed Ruscha
    Eddie Peake
    Edward Kay
    Edward Thomasson
    Elizabeth Price
    Ella Kruglyanskaya & Peter Jensen
    Enrico David
    Erika Verzutti
    Eva Rothschild
    Evan Ifekoya
    Francesco Vezzoli
    Francis Upritchard
    Garnet McCulloch
    Gary Webb
    George Henry Longly
    Giotto Stoppino
    Haegue Yang
    Hany Armanious
    Hayley Tompkins
    Helen Marten
    Henning Bohl
    Henrik Olesen
    Hetty Douglas
    Hilary Lloyd
    Hiraki Sawa
    Issy Wood
    Jac & Jack
    James Long
    Jamian Juliano-Villani
    Jamie Hawkesworth
    Jenny Saville for Chloé
    Jeremy Deller
    Jeremy Lee/ Quo Vadis
    Jess Flood-Paddock
    Jesse Wine
    Jim Lambie
    Jimmy Merris
    Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan
    John Booth
    Jordon Wolfson
    Judith Bernstein
    Judith Hopf
    Julia Wachtel
    Julie Verhoeven
    Kalin Lindena
    Karen Kilimnik for Chloé
    Karin Ruggaber
    Karla Black
    Katja Novitskova
    Kelley Walker
    Ken Done
    Kim Gordon & Simone Rocha
    Laura Aldridge
    Laura Spring
    Lawrence Weiner
    Linder & Richard Nicoll
    London Borough of Jam
    Louise Gray
    LRRH_ & Anselm Reyle
    Luc Tuymans
    Lucy Folk
    Magali Reus
    Mai-Thu Perret
    Marc Camille Chaimowicz
    Mark Titchner
    Mark Wallinger
    Markus Vater
    Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
    Mathew Cerletty
    Matt Connors
    Matt Mullican
    Matthew Higgs
    Matty Bovan
    May Hands
    Melissa Gordon
    Michael Craig Martin
    Michael Dean
    Michael Fullerton
    Mirjam Thomann
    Nate Lowman
    Neo Naturists
    Nick Mauss
    Nicolas Deshayes
    Nicolas Party
    Nicole Eisenman
    Oliver Beer
    Oliver Osborne
    Pablo Bronstein
    Pae White
    Paloma Varga Weisz
    Paulina Olowska
    Perks and Mini (P.A.M)
    Peter Blake
    Peter Jenson
    Peter Pilotto
    Peter Saville
    Phyllida Barlow
    Prem Sahib
    Princess Julia
    Rebecca Ackroyd
    Richard Wright
    RM Williams
    Rodney Graham
    Rosemarie Trockel
    Ruth Ewan
    Ryan Gander
    Ryan McGinley
    Sam Samore
    Sam Windett
    Sanya Kantarovsky
    Scott King
    Sener Besim
    Sharon Hayes
    SIBLING & Jim Lambie
    Silke Otto-Knapp
    Simon Bedwell
    Simon Fujiwara
    Simon Periton
    Simone Rocha & Kim Gordon
    Sol Calero
    Stefan Bruggemann
    Stefan Muller
    Steven Claydon
    Studio Formafantasma
    Sue Tompkins
    Thea Djordjadze
    Thomas Bayrle
    TJ Wilcox
    Tom Polo
    Tommaso Corvi-Mora
    Walter Dahn
    and Wilma Johnson

  • House of Voltaire Committee 2016

    Aileen Corkery
    Alice Rawsthorn
    Charlie Porter
    Emily King
    Floriane de Saint Pierre
    Jaime Perlman
    James Lindon
    Jeremy Deller
    Joe Scotland
    Lou Stoppard
    Marie Donnelly
    Matt Connors
    Nancy Oakley
    Nicky Verber
    Pablo Bronstein
    Pascale Cohen
    Pauline Daly
    Penny Martin
    Sarah Mower
    Shane Akeroyd
    Susanne Tide Frater
    Toby Webster
    Valeria Napoleone
    Victoria Siddall
    Yana Peel


House of Voltaire works and products are available year–round online as well as at our special intermittent presentations. With prices ranging from £1 to £40,000, House of Voltaire enables established collectors as well as art and design enthusiasts to collect works by leading contemporary artists and designers, all whilst supporting the future and development of one of London’s leading not–for–profit art galleries.




Throughout the run of House of Voltaire, a cast of familiar faces from the worlds of art, design, fashion, cuisine and music could be found shopkeeping in store and a series of special events took place each day.

  • House of Voltaire London Events

    Thursday 17 November 2016
    6.30–9.30pm House of Voltaire launch preview.

    Saturday 19 November 2016
    2pm Guest shopkeepers design critic Emily King and artist Leigh Johnson.

    Sunday 20 November 2016
    3–5pm Guest shopkeepers Frieze Director Victoria Siddall, Francois Chantala, Partner Thomas Dane, and Gaby Garcia.

    Tuesday 22 November 2016
    5–8pm Serpentine Galleries patrons event with guest shopkeepers Yana Peel and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

    Wednesday 23 November 2016
    6–8pm Contemporary Art Society patrons event with guest shopkeeper artist  Alice Channer.

    Friday 25 November 2016
    6–9pm BOYSFOREVER acoustic set and DJ set

    Saturday 26 November 2016
    3pm TALK
    As Cork Street enters a new era, Louisa Buck conjures up earlier memories of London’s creative crucible from the 1920’s onwards. Learn how, in this one small artistic avenue, the ghosts of Peggy Guggenheim, Jean Cocteau, Freddy Mayor, Salvador Dali and the notorious Miss Shelia Legge, the Phantom of Sex Appeal, meet more recent shenanigans by the likes of Mark Wallinger, the Neo-Naturists and the Grey Organisation.

    Tuesday 29 November 2016
    12pm Roger Bevan Exhibition Circle Visit

    Tuesday 29 November 2016
    7.30–9.30pm NOWNESS film screening and Christmas party

    Wednesday 30 November 2016
    12pm Roger Bevan Exhibition Circle Visit

    Wednesday 30 November 2016
    6–8pm Guest shopkeepers The Gentlewoman editor–in–chief Penny Martin, The Business of Fashion ‘s editor–at–large Tim Blanks and fragrance specialist Jeff Lounds.

    Thursday 1 December 2016
    12pm Roger Bevan Exhibition Circle Visit

    Friday 2 December 2016
    6-9pm TALK
    Art patron Valeria Napoleone, and twin sister, accessories designer Stefania Pramma, take great pleasure in inviting you to a talk about their lifelong love of jewellery and how it connects to their passions for art and design, chaired by jewellery magazine On The Rocks.

    Saturday 3 December 2016
    6–9pm Guest shopkeepers Andrew Hale & Stephanie Hale, Shane Akeroyd and Mel Agace.

    Sunday 4 December 2016
    2pm Guest shopkeepers SHOWstudio’s Editor and a freelance writer, curator and broadcaster Lou Stoppard with Lucy Moore, director Claire de Rouen books.

    Monday 5 December 2016
    2pm Guest shopkeepers Aileen Corkery and Marie Donnelly & Koo Donnelly.

    Monday 5 December 2016
    7–9pm TATE Young Patrons event hosted by Princess Alia al Senussi.

    Tuesday 6 December 2016
    7–9pm Scott & Co Christmas party hosted by A Man to Pet.

    Wednesday 7 December 2016
    6–8pm Outset Patrons Event.

    Thursday 8 December 2016
    6–8pm QIC Global Real Estate Christmas event with guest shopkeepers Hikari Yokoyama and Lou Stoppard celebrating the unveiling of John Booth‘s Christmas windows at House of Voltaire.

    Saturday 10 December 2016
    3–5pm Designer Matty Bovan celebrates the launch of his new Zine ‘Yorkshire Rosé’ as well as Christmas wreaths, sculptures & accessories, exclusive to House of Voltaire.

    Sunday 11 December 2016
    1–3pm frieze magazine hosts ‘The Artist Is Presents’, a special gift-wrapping service provided by the editors with artists Rebecca Ackroyd, Bonnie Camplin and Allison Katz.

    Sunday 11 December 2016
    3pm–4:30pm Artist Anthea Hamilton in conversation with Linsey Young, Curator of Contemporary British Art, Tate Britain.

    Monday 12 December 2016
    4.30-6.30pm Gina Hartman (Marine Girls) playing records in-store.

    Monday 12 December 2016
    6.30–8:30pm TALK
    Art director and graphic designer, Peter Saville in conversation with SHOWstudio’s Editor and freelance writer, curator and broadcaster Lou Stoppard, on the subject of art and appropriation.

    Tuesday 13 December 2016
    4pm–6pm Guest shopkeepers Pernilla Holmes, Amelie von Wedel & Alexandra Mollof.

    Tuesday 13 December 2016
    6pm–9pm Christmas Crafternoon with John Booth.
    Designer John Booth will be in–store making paper–chains, customising gift wrapping, and serving eggnog.

    Wednesday 14 December 2016
    5pm–7.30pm Guest Shopkeepers Annabelle Scholar & Ottilie Windsor.

    Tuesday 13 December 2016
    6–9pm Ana da Silva, & Shirley O’Loughlin of The Raincoats, playing records in store.

    Thursday 15 December 2016
    6–8pm Guest shopkeepers Jane Suitor and Jeremy Scholar.

    Friday 16 December 2016
    6–8pm DJ set by PEAS IN A POD (Joe Scotland, Julie Verhoeven & Will Lanach–Jones) with guest shopkeeper Melanie Rickey.

    Saturday 17 December 2016
    5–7pm Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier playing records with Vogue’s Jaime Perlman.


With kind assistance from Cork Street Galleries.