Studio Voltaire OPEN: 2015

Selected by Cory Arcangel and Hanne Mugaas

Studio Voltaire’s first open submission exhibition was held in 2004, since then we have hosted seven open exhibitions with a changing panel, made up of artists, writers and curators. Studio Voltaire OPEN: 2015 is a more focused group exhibition than in previous years.

Jemima Brown
Blue Curry
Luey Graves
Evan Ifekoya
Nnena Kalu
Nigel Kingsbury
Rafaela Lopez & Georgia Rene Worms
Christian Ovonlen
Hayley Silverman
Claudia Williams
Zadie Xa

This exhibition brings together twelve artists chosen from an open submission process. Selectors were attracted to those with a strong identity, unique voice and often-idiosyncratic methods. The Studio Voltaire OPEN is testament to our commitment to foster new talent, support diversity and give opportunity to emerging practices.

“We are two of Studio Voltaire’s biggest fans, and therefore, we were honored to be invited as selectors for this year’s Studio Voltaire OPEN! We would like to thank all the artists who submitted their works – there were many great submissions, and it was very inspiring and a lot of fun to go through everything!

The exhibition that is the result of our selections consists of our favorite art works – works we instantly loved. There is no agenda, theme, or obvious link between them. Basically, we selected artworks that really popped out to us – works that we would like to live with in our own home. You might recognize vague patterns – hints of this and that – maybe like scents. But that’s it. 🙂 ”
– Cory Arcangel and Hanne Mugaas

Previous selectors have included Enrico David, Linder, Mike Nelson, Rebecca Warren, Stuart Comer (MoMA), Jenni Lomax (Camden Arts Centre) and Catherine Wood (Tate). Past selected artists have included Sara Barker, Pablo Bronstein, Laura Aldridge, Jimmy Merris and Anthea Hamilton.

About the selectors

Cory Arcangel is an artist. Hanne Mugaas is Director and Curator at Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway.

Image credit

Studio Voltaire OPEN: 2015, 2015. Installation View, Studio Voltaire, London. Courtesy of the artists and Studio Voltaire, London. Credit Andy Keate.

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