SV04: Annual Member’s Exhibition

Selected by Colin Guillemet, Elinor Jansz and Emily Pethick

Studio Voltaire’s third annual open submission exhibition aims to showcase the strength and diversity of its studio and external membership, which currently comprises over 150 artists. Every year, the changing panel of invited artists, critics and curators, select artist’s work.

Richard Birkett
Cecilia Bonilla
Kathrin Böhm + Andreas Lang
Sonia Boyce
Gary Dalton
Iain Drummond
Giles Eldridge
Marte Eknaes
Doriane Laithier
Kieren Reed + Abigail Hunt
Greg Rook
Joe Scotland
Markus Vater
Thurle Wright

This year’s exhibition includes the work of seventeen artists, with around half originating from outside of the United Kingdom, including France, Germany, Korea, North America and Australia. The panel have selected the most engaging work from this year’s submissions to produce a diverse gathering of artistic practices.

Works include Die Mutanten, a new video sculpture by Markus Vater, a site specific architectural intervention by Marte Eknaes and paintings by Greg Rook that present his spiritual iconography of the Wild West. In addition Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang will provide private view guests and Studio Voltaire holders with bbcube, a fully functioning fold out barbecue and seating unit.

The exhibition invite has been given over to Iain Drummond for his contribution to SV04: Annual Member’s Exhibition.

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