X Marks the Spot

X Marks The Spot is a concerted period of research in conjunction with the Not Our Class and Jo Spence projects at Studio Voltaire, conducted by Mystique Holloway, Ego Ahaiwe, Louise Shelley, Gina Nembhard, Emma Hedditch, Lauren Craig, Yula Burin and Zoe Holloway.

Taking the focus of Spence’s work, on body image, health, and the representation of a life lived, in the most social political form, possible, this research does not stay on the page, or screen but has populated our daily lives and heightened our experience of the present. Through Spence’s approach to photography as a transformative process, documentation of her life with breast cancer, and education around alternative therapy and self education through radical sociology, Spence’s work has pushed us to the limits of what we can involve ourselves in. We are taking on Spence’s ideas, with our selves as subjects, and sharing with our present communities.

Image credit

X Marks the Spot, selected stills from film sequence created for Barbara Hammer screening at Tate Modern, February 2012. Courtesy of the artist, the organisers and Studio Voltaire, London.