Syllabus is a national programme delivered by Studio Voltaire, Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, Iniva, S1 Artspace, The NewBridge Project and Spike Island.

The Syllabus is a collaboratively produced alternative learning programme in its fifth year that supports ten artists across ten months. The programme aims to reach artists with a range of practices and artistic approaches and bring together individuals from across the UK.

The Syllabus curriculum is built around a series of intensive gatherings, which the ten selected artists will collaboratively develop with curators and artists who work with the partner organisations, alongside two external Artistic Advisors. Syllabus participating artists bring forward ideas to the programme and actively contribute to its design and delivery across the ten months.

The Syllabus (2015) Syllabus II (2016) Syllabus III (2017) and Syllabus IV (2018) have involved contributions from practitioners including Barby Asante, Ruth Beale, Monster Chetwynd, Celine Condorelli, Nav Haq, Nadia Hebson, Anthea Hamilton, Morgan Quaintance, Andy Holden, Shama Khanna, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Mark Leckey, Richard Long, Sofia Niazi, Katrina Palmer, Holly Pester, Rory Pilgrim, Rosalie Schweiker, Cally Spooner, Richard Wentworth, Jonathan P. Watts, Keith Wilson, DM Withers and Rehana Zaman. Artists Andy Holden, Milly Thompson, Jesse Darling, Harold Offeh, Sonya Dyer, and curators Helen Nisbet and George Vasey have previously led the Syllabus as Artistic Advisors.

During Syllabus V, Studio Voltaire will be stepping back temporarily to focus on The Studio Voltaire Capital Project, during which time our buildings will be closed for redevelopment.

  • Syllabus IV

    The ten selected artists for Syllabus IV were: Scott Caruth, Libita Clayton, Jessica Coleman, Bettina Fung, Laura Hindmarsh, Beth Kettel, David Lisser, Alicja Rogalska, Kirsty Russell and Abigail Sidebotham. Syllabus IV was developed collaboratively with the participating artists, the partner institutions and the artistic advisors, who were Sonya Dyer and Helen Nisbet.

    At Studio Voltaire, the Syllabus IV retreat explored the role of ‘the voice’ through vocal, physical and written workshops. The programme tested tools for collaborative artistic production, experimentation and reflection with strategies such as political performance, collective listening and role-play design.

    A full day session with artist Jenny Moore, exploring the collective voice through political performance and protest took place, followed by an introduction to live action role-play with Jamie Harper, a theatre director and game designer who specialises in Nordic-larp. A final day comprised artist presentations in the morning, followed by a writing workshop with artist and writer Morgan Quaintance.

  • Syllabus III

    Ten artists have been selected for Syllabus III. Beginning at Wysing in September 2017, the artists will come together to share their work and co-develop the year’s syllabus alongside the participating artists, partner institutions and lead artists, who this year are Jesse Darling and Harold Offeh.

    The selected artists are: Frederica Agbah, Chris Alton, Conor Baird, Ilker Cinarel, Phoebe Davies, Freya Dooley, Rose Gibbs, Jill McKnight, Ben Sanderson and Karis Upton. The Syllabus III artists are from many areas of practice including photography, painting, sculpture, installation, writing, performance, poetry, and interdisciplinary and collaborative work that defies a genre. They live and work across the UK, including Cardiff, Folkestone, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Norwich and St. Ives.

    The Syllabus is co-ordinated by Wysing Arts Centre on behalf of the network.

  • Syllabus II

    Ten artists were selected for Syllabus II, a national programme delivered by Studio Voltaire, Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace and Spike Island.

    The selected artists were: Mira Calix, Faye Claridge, Mike Harvey, E. Jackson, Tyler Mallison, Nika Neelova, Tom Smith, Dylan Spencer–Davidson, Thomas Whittle and Laura Wilson. The artists are based across the UK – Sussex, Essex, Edinburgh, Warwickshire and London – and represent a wide range of ages and experiences. Their work includes painting, sculpture, music, publishing, installation and performance, alongside cross-disciplinary and curatorial practices. Syllabus II was led by curator George Vasey, alongside artist Milly Thompson.

    Starting at Wysing in September 2016, the artists came together every two months to share their work, and co-develop the year’s syllabus alongside the partners. At Studio Voltaire, workshops and talks were centred around the idea of ‘care’, and contributors included Phoebe James, Curator at Artangel; Mary Cork, Director Pilar Corrias; Dr Zoe Whitley, Tate Modern; and artists Marvin Gaye-Chetwynd, Andy Holden, Anthea Hamilton and Gerasimos Floratos.

  • Syllabus I

    The inaugural Syllabus took place between September 2015–June 2016 and was delivered by Studio Voltaire, Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace and Spike Island.

    The artists selected for the first year were: Simon Bayliss, Noel Clueit, Susie Green, Mathew Parkin, Rory Pilgrim, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Tom Salt, Lucy Steggals, Tom Varley and Rafal Zajko. Alongside the partner organisations, artist Andy Holden was invited to lead the programme.

    In April 2016 Studio Voltaire held their first weekend residency. The retreat, entitled ‘On Group Work’, was led by artist Rehana Zaman and considered ‘how we work with others’, reflecting on questions of presence and notions of relation. A curated series of visits and workshops focussed on practice-led development, with contributions from Sharon Hayes, Mason Leaver Yap and Gareth Bell Jones, and off-site activities at IMT Gallery, Focal Point Gallery and LUX.

Image credits

Phoebe Davies & Nandi Bhebhe, A Navigation, Film still, 2017.

Freya Dooley, Chroma, Digital print installation, Venice, 2015.

Frederica Agbah, Sikh Rally for Khalistan, 2017.