Making a Star – Catherine Morton–Abuah

December 2020


Artist and illustrator Catherine Morton-Abuah was commissioned to create a pack of activities for children and young people in response to Bod Mellor’s George Michael TV Outside, 2020.

Morton-Abuah responded to the brief with Making a Star, two activities that explore George Michael through portraiture, music and song-writing and include Morton-Abuah’s iconic illustrated ‘style files’ of Michael and his contemporaries. Morton-Abuah was inspired by George Michael’s relationship with celebrity, and his core values of standing for what you believe in, to create the pack.

Co-commissioned by Studio Voltaire, Create London and Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture.

For a free printed version, which includes a set of colouring pencils, please contact

Find out more about Bod Mellor’s George Michael TV Outside here.

All images courtesy the artist.

About Catherine Morton-Abuah

Catherine Morton-Abuah is a Freelance Illustrator and Creative based in North-West London. She aims to depict black people in a diverse and dynamic way. Visually, her work is an array of colours and textures, sustained over a range of disciplines such as Digital Illustration and Drawing. Her work is a by-product of her interests, including but not limited to Fashion, Music, Film and Popular Culture.