Raju Rage with The Right Lube: Online Research – Desperate Living

Raju Rage and The Right Lube are currently researching and developing their forthcoming project as part of our ongoing programme Desperate Living. They will be collaborating with people and trans health organisations on a new programme that engages with trans healthcare and the politics and experiences of self-medding*. 

During 2021–2022 they are running a series of closed and public sessions, informative and conversational public events as well as sharing resources online. 

In the first of their research sharings, we are hosting Zoyander Street’s interactive documentary Cis Penance and audio-video sonic collage Pyramid Revealed By A Sandstorm by Raju Rage that address some of these themes.

Raju Rage and The Right Lube:
“We stand for self-agency in determining our own heath requirements and gender definitions and not having to rely on a medical system that is often a barrier for trans people for multiple reasons, such as not meeting requirements and fitting definitions that are cis gender determined, not having access to services, gatekeeping and waiting on a national health service that has been cut, wanting autonomy from medical recognition, plus more.”

If you are interested to contribute to either project with a testimonial, please contact the artists using the contact information below. 

Read more about Desperate Living here

*For more information about self–medicating, please click here.

Raju Rage
Pyramid Revealed By A Sandstorm


Content warning: references to drug–use and explicit language.

Pyramid Revealed By A Sandstorm, 2017 (7.17 mins) by Raju Rage is an audio-video sonic collage focusing on the emotional impact of hormones on the body through self-injecting, surveillance and sensation. 

Bridging the gap between science, health, politics and art, it questions the role of hormones in social determination of sex and gender, binary ideas of gender and sex; and the innate inequality created by separating people into sexes. Inspired by Preciado’s Testo Junkie, online testimonials and grassroots health activism, the video explores what it means to be an object/ subject as a racialized and gendered body. 

This video-audio collage was part of a project collecting testimonials from transgender and intersex people about the emotional impact of hormones on their bodies.  

If you are interested to leave your testimonial (audio/video/text) to be part of this collective project about the emotional impact of taking hormones, please email info@rajurage.com with the subject ‘Testimonial’ for further details. 

Zoyander Street
Cis Penance


Cis Penance is an interactive documentary portraying experiences of deferment and being in wait. 

Zoyander Street has interviewed transgender and nonbinary individuals from around the UK, and highlighted material about temporality, to draw attention to the sisyphean bureaucratic processes imposed on transgender people in a country growing increasingly hostile to trans civil rights. 

Through the image of the queue, they hope to make visible the “waiting lists” that put UK trans people’s lives on hold for years – you never see these lists, and it is rare to even be informed of your position on this list, and getting to the top of the list is only the beginning of yet another waiting period. Eventually we are called to ask what alternative temporalities can emerge when we turn our attention to systemic change and action in solidarity.

Call for participants for Cis Penance:

Zoyander Street is looking to interview more transgender people across the UK to be included in Cis Penance.

Cis Penance aims to use videogame–like installations to draw attention to issues affecting transgender people in the UK, with a particular focus on how institutional and social structures alter our relationship to time and our life paths, through lengthy waiting processes. 

If you are interested to leave your testimonial, please contact: zoyander@gmail.com

You can access the game here.

About the Artists

Raju Rage

Raju Rage is proactive about using art, education and activism to forge creative survival. Based in London and working beyond, I explore the spaces and relationships between dis/connected bodies, theory and practice, text and the body and aesthetics and the political substance. I have a theirstory in activism, self and collective organised queer/ transgender/ people of colour movements and creative projects in London and beyond from which my politics and works draw on and from.


Zoyander Street

I am an artist, researcher, and critic. My practice focuses on videogames, but also involves other forms of media art and (mis)uses of technology. I like to work with toxic garbage, be that through recycling old computers that were destined for landfill, or through recontextualising trauma in history and ethnography. 


The Right Lube

The Right Lube is Maz Murray and Hava Carvajal, a trans couple who write about art, culture, trans feels, gender, queerness, assimilation, class and race. They focus on the different shiny ways that power tries to hide a violent system that is out to kill them and most everybody else. Before COVID they ran a Trans Hangout every two weeks in Bethnal Green, they now moderate an online trans Discord. They feel that being messy is an effective tactic to disrupt the pressures of neoliberal assimilation, but they also want to make money so they can afford their hormones. They are currently living in Basildon, Essex.

Image credits

Raju Rage, A Pyramid Revealed By A Sandstorm, 2017

Zoyander Street, Cis Penance, 2020


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