Queer Youth Art Collective Presents ‘Erratica: The struggle, the celebration’

As part of their UK tour, join Queer Youth Art Collective for a touring exhibition and free, creative workshops led by young artists.


James Yule, Design your own fantasy character, 12–1.30pm

Join artist and fantasy enthusiast James Yule and learn how to design your very own fantasy characters. We will be using methods of combining shape language with colour layering, while finding inspiration from real life and existing popular culture

Free, book here


Jasmine Heyward, Mobile self-portraiture for editorial self-expression (DIY Photography workshop), 3–4.30pm

Inspired by the life of a freelancer during lockdown, participants will explore using their mobile phones and household items to take personality-driven self-portraits. As flagship smartphones continually compete for the title of “best camera,” these devices are becoming more and more capable of taking photographs worthy of publishing. To lean into the strengths of mobile over DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, we will focus on portraits in which the background environment communicates important visual information along with the posing and appearance of the model. 

Free, book here

Suitable for Queer people of all ages

Studio Voltaire has been working to support Queer Youth Art Collective and host workshops and visits since 2021. This project is in partnership with Arts Council England, The Bluecoat, Curious Arts, Glasgow Zine Library, GYRO, Homotopia, Outside Project LGBTIQ+ Centre, and Studio Voltaire.

About Queer Youth Art Collective

Since September 2019, Queer Youth Art Collective (QYAC) has run free art workshops exclusively for LGBTQIA+ young people aged 18-26. QYAC believes arts education should be free and see its liberating power bring people together everyday – Young LGBTQIA+ artists must be better connected to one another, demand fair wages and the free exchange of ideas across cities and borders. 

About Jasmine Heyward

Jasmine is a photographer, creative technologist, and writer who endured and admittedly shorter stay-at-home order in Boston before moving to London to pursue an MA in Digital and Interactive Storytelling. They have an eclectic practice that includes everything from 35mm to web and game development, but their primary subject interests are urban life, race and queer issues, mental health, and internet fan culture. You can find their work online at jasmineheyward.com or follow their day-to-day on Twitter and Instagram.

Image credit

Queer Youth Art Collective Zine, artwork by Skye Kember.

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